Animated SVG Icons for Elementor

Impress your visitors with awesome icon animations on your WordPress site.
Impress visitors with
icon animations on your WordPress site.

Get started with 221 FREE customizable and unique icons for Elementor Page Builder. GO PRO and get all 808 icons.

  • Scalable to any size

  • Responsive & flexible

  • Customizable colors


Unlimited possibilities

Widget Features

  • Customizable stroke and background colors
  • Adjustable scaling of icons to any size
  • Custom setting of animation duration time
  • Option to upload & animate your own SVG icon
  • Variety of in and out animation effects
  • On hover interaction option
  • Growing number of icons, frequent updates
  • Ability to edit icons in any text editor

Delayed Effect

Duration: 90
Animation effect:
Zoom in/Shrink

Synchronized Effect

Duration: 70
Animation effect:
Pulse grow/Tada

One by One Effect

Duration: 450
Animation effect:

Drag & Drop

Simply browse, drag & drop hundreds of high quality, reponsive vector SVG icons categorized for easy selection.

Animate in Style

Select animation style, adjust dimensions (scale to any size without  compromising quality) and set time duration.

Customize Like a Pro (in PRO version)

Create a unique icon by adding an additional layer with image/gradient backgrounds.  Rotate or pick hover animation effects.


Background Elements

PRO version’s add-on feature has most of the features of the icon widgets plus continuous animation, option to add fill color to closed path SVGs and much more. It comes loaded with 250+ objects like circles, squares, arrows, spheres + some pre-animated elements. Check out the example… it’s cool isn’t it? More shapes and elements are being added frequently. For more animating options the Flip Box Elementor widget is great choice.

The Library

Updates & News

200 FREE, altogether 500 icons available

  • Technology icon libraryNEW added with 25 icons (4 free, 21 pro)
  • Text & Numbers icon libraryNEW added with 25 number icons (5 free, 20 pro)
  • 9 new logo icons added to Symbol library (2 free, 7 pro)
  • 3 new icons added to Arrow & Office library (pro only)
  • 25 new SVG images added to Background Elements


Total icon count: 500 (200 free, 300 pro).

The Library

Latest updates

213 FREE, altogether 746 icons available

  • 15 new icons added to Object library
  • 10 new icons added to People & Avatars icon library
  • 6 new icons added to Symbols library
  • 15 new text graphics added to Text & Numbers library
  • 20 new SVG images added to Background Elements.

Total icon count: 746  (213 free, 533 pro).

Background Elements: 210 images. Optional add-ons: 110 icons.

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Play Video

Watch short video of the latest updates and follow the ASVG Facebook page for the latest updates.

Get started

Download Plugin

Enhance your website with Animated SVG Icons for free. Enter your email address to download the free WordPress plugin and get the  ADD-ONS that suits your needs.

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The Library

Latest updates

Over 1000 icons & elements available

  • Buildings icon library added with 16 new icons
  • 10 new icons added to Call to Action library – add-on widget updated
  • 19 new icons added to Finance library – add-on widget updated
  • 7 new icons added to Smiley & Symbols library
  • 10 new text graphics added to Text & Numbers library
  • 22 new SVG images added to Background Elements.


Total icon count: 808  (221 free, 587 PRO).

Background elements: 232 images.  




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Download or update Animated SVG for Elementor to give your web page an uplift or just to impress your clients.



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Flip, slide or zoom your

favorite icons!

Moving Forward

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ASVG Flip Box

Get more conversions with Animated SVG Icons’ Flip Box widget. Create stunning, interactive content with before and after effects.

Impress you visitors with flip, push, slide, fade, zoom-in and zoom-out effects and features including:

  • 808 animated SVG icons to choose from​
  • Hover animations (27) and 3D effect
  • Backgrounds & border​ – add a solid, gradient or image backgrounds
  • Alignment – position your content to looks its best
  • Flip directions​ – turn flip box up, down, left or right


Download the PRO version with ASVG Flip Box to display your interactive content or try free test version with only 50 basic icons from you WP dashboard ASVG add-ons menu.

powerful format

Understanding SVG

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a responsive and flexible image format. Icons can be scaled to any size without incurring pixelation or loss of detail, looking perfectly sharp across any display resolution.

SVGs support transparency, images such as icons have a smaller file size than bitmap versions of GIF, JPG or PNG and thus download faster.

The popular format is supported by all modern platforms and web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. SVGs offer improved SEO because search engines can index an image’s content.


Icon Library


Icon Showcase

To highlight the possibilities the PRO version has to offer from time to time you can download different “pre-made” animated SVG icons. Simply import the icon, customize it in Elementor or just copy+paste the style to an existing icon.  Click on each icon to download  them and have fun! (Read instructions in downloaded ZIP.)



for Elementor page builder
good choice to start
  • Optional add-ons  

  • 221 SVG Icons

  • Limited widget features  


for Elementor page builder

0.04/icon & graphic
for 1 year subscription
  • 808 icons + 252 elements

  • Advanced widget features

  • Frequent updates

  • Background color, image

  • Icon rotation – also on hover

  • Box shadow – also on hover

  • Icon color change on hover

  • Hover animation effects (27)

  • Entrance animation  (36)

  • Priority support by email 

Show more features
for 1 year subscription
  • Free updates  for 1 year

  • 252 SVGs:  lines, spheres...

  • Continuous animation

  • Fill color on solid SVGs 

  • Pre-animated elements  

  • Hover animation effects (27)

  • Color change on hover

  • Priority support by email 

Show more features

your choice

Add-on Widgets

Only need certain type of icons? Optional add-ons are available to download below or straight from your WP dashboard in a very affordable yearly subscription model. The widgets include PRO version’s icons from the selected library and extended features such as background options and layers, hover animation effects, rotation + more. You’ll also get free, automatic updates regularly and priority support. It’s your choice…

      • Call to Actions Icons
      • $6.99/year
      • A collection of unique icons to grab the attention of your potential clients. Free updates + more icons for an entire year!
      • Video demo
      • Technology Icons
      • $5.99/year
      • Eye-catching set of SVG icons ideal for web agencies, developers, online computer stores... Free updates, more icons for a full year!
      • Add-on Widget
      • Office Icons
      • $5.99/year
      • Office icon pack featuring SVGs like envelopes, folders, documents... Start animating with free updates for a year!
      • Add-on Widget
      • Travel Icons
      • $6.99/year
      • Stylish, eye-catching travel icons in SVG fomat waiting to be animated. 12 months of free updates with purchase.
      • Add-on Widget
      • Finance Icons
      • $6.99/year
      • A collection of stylish financial icons to catch the attention of your website visitors. Free updates & more icons for the next 12 months!
      • Add-on Widget
      • Food Icons
      • $5.99/year
      • A set of appetizing food & drink SVG icons. Advanced widget features + free updates for an entire year!
      • Add-on Widget


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