A new icon library "Holiday - Events" with 10 new Christmas themed icons have been added just in time for the for the festive season. That's 60 FREE animated icons... and more to come Download or update Animated SVG for Elementor to share the spirit of the holidays.


Animated SVG Icons for Elementor

Impress your visitors with icon animations on your WordPress site.

Get started with 112 FREE customizable, unique and interactive  icons for Elementor Page Builder.

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  • Responsive & flexible

  • Scalable to any size

  • Small SVG file size

  • SEO friendly format

Unlimited possibilities

Widget Features

  • Customizable stroke and background colors
  • Adjustable scaling of icons to any size
  • Custom setting of animation duration time
  • Option to upload and animate your own SVG icon
  • Variety of in and out animation effects
  • On hover interaction option
  • Growing number of icons, frequent updates
  • Ability to edit icons in any text editor

Delayed Effect

Duration: 90
Animation effect:
Flip bounce in

Synchronized Effect

Duration: 70
Animation effect:
Expand in

One by One Effect

Duration: 450
Animation effect:
Whirl in

The Library

Recently Added Icons

The first update of Animated SVG is here with 3 new categories and 40+ icons added.

Updated and new categories, icons:

  • Arrow Library NEW (16 new icons)
  • Holiday & Events Library (11 icons +1 new icon)
  • Music Library NEW (10 new icons)
  • Retail Library (14 icons +4 new icon)
  • Smiley Library NEW (10 new icons)

That’s 112 icons in total. Check them all out on the cheat sheet.

November 26, 2019

The Library

Updates & News

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powerful format

Understanding SVG

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, a responsive and flexible image format. Icons can be scaled to any size without incurring pixelation or loss of detail, looking perfectly sharp across any display resolution.

SVGs support transparency, images such as icons have a smaller file size than bitmap versions of GIF, JPG or PNG and thus download faster.

The popular format is supported by all modern platforms and web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. SVGs offer improved SEO because search engines can index an image’s content.


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