Animated Lottie icons, graphics and text for Elementor

Impress your visitors with awesome icons and animations on your WordPress site.

Get started with 200+ FREE animated Lottie icons for Elementor Page Builder. GO PRO and get all 1018 icons + all widgets and graphics.

Unlimited possibilities

Widget Features

DELAYEDDelay for each path, all end at the same time.
Delayed play mode
Hover animation:
Buzz out

SynchronizedAll paths start and end at the same time.
Synchronized play mode

Continuous effect:
Rotate/pause CCW

1-BY-1Each path is drawn on one at a time.
One by One play mode

Hover animation: Pop
Gradient stroke


Flip Box

Get more conversions with ASVG Icons’ Flip Box widget. Create stunning, interactive content with before and after effects. Impress you visitors with flip, push, slide, fade, zoom-in and zoom-out effects and features including:

  • 1018 animated Lottie icons to choose from​ (3 play modes each)
  • Hover animations (27) and 3D effect
  • Backgrounds & border​ – add a solid, gradient or image backgrounds
  • Alignment – position your content to looks its best
  • Flip directions​ – turn flip box up, down, left or right
Get ASVG Flip Box as part of PRO version to display your interactive content.


Frequently Asked Questions

A relatively new vector animation format. The main advantages of Lottie are:

  • its small file size
  • it works on any device
  • it can be scaled to any size without pixelation 
  • it can be customized online

The plugin works with both free and PRO versions of Elementor page builder.
Minimum PHP version: 5.6, minimum WordPress version: 4.7, minimum Elementor version: 2.0.

All Lottie animations in ASVG are served from a cloud server. Other than the official Lottie player code the plugin uses a total 30KB of custom script and CSS, so that requires minimal  resources. Obviously the more graphics you place on a page the more time it will take to load.

A detailed instructional video is available covering all widget features and settings. Please click on the underlined links below to find out more.

Not with the ASVG plugin. You can animate SVGs with 3 play modes on this website and then upload it to the Media Library. You may also convert your SVG to Lottie and use the upload widget to display the animation. 

Simply click on the download button below. Orders are fulfilled by Paddle, transactions are processed by PayPal or Paddle accepting all major credit cards. Prices are in USD. A download link & your license code will be sent by email after the order is complete.

We do not have access to or store any of your financial data.

There are 3 packages available for the PRO version:

  • Single website: $39.99
  • 10 websites: $59.99 ( $5.99/site )
  • 25 websites: $99.99 ( $3.99/site )

All packages include lifetime updates: no subscription, no monthly fees.

The stand alone Animated Text widget can be installed on 10 websites, the free version of ASVG on unlimited websites.

Updates are automatic for both the free and PRO version of the plugin. You will be notified on the WordPress admin panel if an update is available.

Sure, simply choose one of the upgrade options to pay the difference between the plans and the licenses will be added to your account within hours.
1 ⇨ 10 or 1 ⇨ 25 or 10 ⇨ 25

You may use and display the content of ASVG without attribution. You may not resell, share in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute the content. All rights to the animations are expressly reserved by ASVG.

No, since the PRO version of the plugin provides access to over 1400 graphic assets. If you wish to check the functionality of the widgets please try the demo in Elementor.

The ASVG Lottie Library plugin is made for Elementor page builder, but you can purchase 900+ animations (including After Effects project files) from our Lottie webshop. Use promo code GETLOTTIE for a 10% discount at checkout. You can also download a free animation every week from

If you have any questions, suggestions please send an email or use the chat widget. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



ASVG Lottie Library
for Elementor page builder
good choice to start
  • 200+ Lottie icons
  • Upload Lottie widget

  • Limited widget features


ASVG Lottie Library
for Elementor page builder

$ 39.99
with lifetime updates
$ 59.99
with lifetime updates
$ 99.99
with lifetime updates
  • 1018 Lottie icons with 3 play modes

  • 260+ animated Lottie graphics

  • 180+ background elements
  • Animated Text widget (15 styles)

  • Extended widget features

  • Frequent content updates 

  • Priority support by email

Show more features
for Elementor (stand alone widget)
$14.99with lifetime updates for 10 websites
  • 15 text animation styles

  • Detailed instructional videos

  • Responsive design

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