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Spinning map pins Lottie animation pack (16 animations)

16 spinning map pin animations that can be played on the web and all major mobile platforms. Animations can scale up and will remain sharp no matter the depth of magnification.
Flowers Lottie collection (10 animations)
Elegant flower animation collection that is highly customizable and ideal for wide ranges of use. The pack contains 10 vector graphics in json format + HD video of each graphic.
Lottie continuous drawing
(5 animations)
5 animations in json format. Ideal for header and hero section to grab the attention of visitors. The animations look sharp on any display size. Pack includes HD video of each graphic.
Blob texts Lottie graphic pack (13 animations)

13 graphics that look amazing on any screen size, on any device. The color of each element can be changed to fit a brand identity enabling you to use these icons in multiple projects.
Media browser animated Lottie icon pack (16 icons)
Stylish bundle of online media and marketing related icons ideal for web agencies, developers and for general use. Pack contains 16 vector icons that have cross-browser support.
Media browser animated Lottie icon pack (19 icons)
Collection of savings badge icons ideal for retailers & online shops. The bundle contains 19 vector icons with cross-browser support that look sharp on any device. Pack also includes HD video of each icon.
People & professions Lottie pack (12 animations)

Lottie pack containing 12 icons in vector json format. The animations look sharp on any display size and color of each graphic element can be changed easily in a few seconds.
Sphere Lottie animations (6 graphics)
A collection of sphere animations ideal for header section or as a background element. The Lottie pack contains 6 animations in vector json format.
Secured & checked Lottie pack (15 animations)

Lottie collection of shield icons containing 15 animations in json format. The pack provides a great way to illustrate safety and security on your website or app.